Tape Syncs

Planet Money (NPR) –
Interview with John Rappaport (Not yet aired)

APM Reports – (APM) – Campaign ‘68
Interview with Rick Perlstein (Not yet aired)

Endless Thread (WBUR) – The Great Mattress Conspiracy
Interview with Camron Thorpe (begins at 4:35)

Weekend Edition (NPR) – Barney Frank On The Financial Crisis –
Interview with former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.)

Latino USA (NPR) – A Tragedy in Iowa Turned Political –
Interview with Tim Hagle (begins at 4:35)

On the Media (WNYC) –  One Hundred Years of Free Speech – 
Interview with Geoff Stone (begins at 5:00)

Here and Now (WBUR ) -Wyoming Fossil Discovery Wows Scientists – Interview with Mike Eklund, plus natural sound

Archive on 4 (BBC) – Commuterville –
Interview with Robert Bruegmann (begins at 39:09)

Rivet News Radio

Gay marriage up for vote in Ireland – Rivet News Radio

Banned Books Week: Exploring the gray area of censorship – Rivet News Radio

Clinton combats debate with inspirational posters – Rivet News Radio

Independent Documentary

Names – The Parent Coop

Dancing – The Parent Coop

Hearing – The Parent Coop

Momtourage – The Parent Coop